Eco biz solutions
See how your business can benefit from
being a friend to the environment.

Reap the rewards of recycling.

Instead of throwing away your old equipment or simply letting it collect dust in a storeroom, do what a popular national retailer and the City of Centerton, AR, did. Earn credit towards your account with the Sprint Buyback Program for Enterprise.

Save money and help save the environment.

Sprint Biz 360 solutions have helped companies better deploy their mobile workforce while reducing their carbon footprint. And by reducing the amount of electricity and fuel they used, we also helped their bottom line.

Lean green machine to machine.

Saving money and controlling energy consumption go hand in hand when you introduce Machine to Machine (M2M) solutions from Sprint. See how solutions like Grid Net and Actsoft™ can benefit your company and help protect the environment.

Sprint Buyback: Proof through case studies.

Eco-friendly tools to benefit your business.

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